Cut 1886

From the sun-drenched mountainside of Santa Barbara, it is a privilege to share our 100% extra virgin olive oil with you. CUT1886 is a true labor of love — from tending to each tree in our certified organic olive orchards, to harvesting by hand with our finest and favorite tools. ⁠

Taste the difference of artisan, small batch olive oil from California.

Batch #3 Harvest

CUT1886 is grown and harvested using timeless and sustainable practices. Our 100% extra virgin oil is cold-pressed and blended to extract the best flavors, color, and health benefits from the fruit. With a medium body, this olive oil is fruity at the beginning with a peppery finish. Whether drizzled over pasta, tossed in a salad, or simply served as a dip for your favorite bread (which we have all been baking these past months!) -- we think that you will enjoy Batch #3.

500ml | 17 Fl. Oz.


It began in 1886 with a claim for water. With it came a tunnel, cut through the mountainside above Santa Barbara, California. Our wellspring has since traveled over crests and through valleys, nourishing our olive groves and providing a rich ecosystem that enhances the flavor and color of our olive oil. Our best days are spent in the gardens, the orchards and the mill. We believe in the old ways — certified organic and harvested by hand. The result is an olive oil with both depth and luxury.



At Bel Lavoro orchards, we love cooking up new recipes to highlight the flavor and the health benefits of our olive oil. From appetizers to desserts, these recipes are as simple as they are delicious! Olive Oil Cake, Lemon Bars, Garlic Confit and more!


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