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Eric Junker

Eric Junker, a Silverlake, Calif., based artist has recently gained notoriety for his murals and posters that focus on current social issues and the cultural happenings taking place in our society in real time. His designs uniquely channel his restless energy into creating art inspired by the colliding forces of his life in urban Los Angeles and his passion for nature. 

“When I was approached by Bel Lavoro to create the first art piece for their Artful Harvest series, I was immediately inspired by not only their dedication to their land and the products that are grown there, but by their desire to use their platform to help people who are truly in need of assistance and support,” explains Junker. For more information, visit
The Foodbank of Santa Barbara County is transforming hunger into health by eliminating food insecurity through good nutrition and food literacy. In Santa Barbara County, one in four people receive food support from the Foodbank, which equates to more than 191,000 unduplicated people, 41% of whom are children.  The Foodbank is assuming a major leadership role in countywide disaster preparedness with initiatives including a host of Covid-19 response programs, disaster food boxes,  and a disaster feeding plan, For more information, visit